After months of speculation it now appears there is solid evidence of White House interference in the EPA’s denial of California’s request for a waiver allowing them to set stricter guidelines on greenhouse gases. According to documents that were gained after a subpoena Administrator Stephen Johnson, originally intended to grant the waiver until consultation with the White House changed his mind. Johnson’s decision blocked California and at least a dozen or other states from implementing stricter guidelines that would have reduced greenhouse gases even further than the new federal guidelines. The White House denies any interference in the decision. Johnson “made an independent decision,” said Kristen Hellmer, spokeswoman for the White House Council on Environmental Quality. Johnson claimed he was the decider. I seem to recall Bush using the exact same phrase. White House interference in EPA decisions is nothing new. Clinton did the same thing while he was in office. I do feel though that California should be able to set their own standards for air quality as well as other states involved. Look for this to be decided in the courts. Hopefully for California.

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