This morning I have been trying to get my computer back to where I had it before the lightning got it. My new motherboard came in Thursday and I was up late putting it back together. Actually I had it together before supper but ran into a snag. As soon as I hooked my main hard drive up to it the board quit and would not display video any longer. The fans came on but no video. I was quite upset to say the least as this was the second board from them. But I went to eat supper and came back with a fresh persective and attitude. Sometimes that is what you need to do in life. Take a few steps back and clear your head before you let issues over come yuo and cloud your judgement. Well any way I was in a better frame of mind when I called the company and got hold of tech support. I explained my problems and he was knowledgeable in it as the first thing he asked was about the power supply and I told him I had a brand new supply as the new board takes a 24 pin power supply where the old one was only 20. Then he asked me had I checked the ram. Duh! A light came on like the old Ford commercials. I had not checked it simply going on the fact that the two chips were brand new. Thats what it was he then gave me a RMA number to return the one ram chip for replacement and after getting off the phone with him and a very close friend in Ohio that I was chatting with with Yahoo voice I got started. Even with the one chip it was still very fast and installed XP in about fourty minutes. I still have more to get right and am having issues with my email but those are from my web host. I am so thankful that I went back and got treatment again for my bipolar. Before then and the new meds they put me on I would have been a menace when I ran into a snag with the new board. I went for years with my problems untreated and caused myself and those around me to be miserable. If anyone of you have issues I am praying that you won’t be as stubborn as I was and seek help. Life is so much better for me without the wild mood swings. If you are having trouble coping and want to talk just drop me a message. As I said I am having trouble with email but anticipate having that fixed soon.

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